Donate to a Registered NGO

There are scores of people throughout the world who are willing and eager to support efforts targeted to the orphans consigned to a life of misery on Nairobi's streets. They want to fund the charitable work of a group that demonstrates transparency and accountability. Huruma is a registered NGO with a track record in Kenya that stretches back to 1998 and a structure that is centered on good financial stewardship.

Help us Make a Difference

We accept donations of time, money, and even medical equipment and supplies. Our group offers a transparent accounting of how your donations are applied and what they fund. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we take great care to follow the applicable laws and IRS regulations. The continued diligence ensures your funds make it to the people that need them the most.

Volunteer Today

Email our president today if you wish to volunteer your time to our worthy cause. We look forward to any questions you may have, and we encourage you to scrutinize our efforts to ensure we are adhering to our mission. When you make a donation to our organization, you are helping us make the world a better place by saving every child we can.

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