Learn about our efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance through our East African rescue mission.

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Transformative East African Rescue Mission

Reach out to nearly one million deserving souls living, abandoned, on the streets of Kenya's largest city. Huruma Rescue Mission (Huruma) is doing important work as a registered non-governmental organization with Kenya's government through our domestic headquarters in Mansfield, Ohio. Through your donations and membership, you can help us continue this impactful work through our East African rescue mission.

Our History – After the AIDS epidemic left more than 10,000 children orphaned on the streets of Nairobi, our group was formed to meet this need in 1998. Please help us continue this mission.

Your Support – We operate as a 501(c)(3) to provide transparency and also to ensure our work makes an impact. Your questions deserve answers, and accountability is essential.

A Looming Crisis

As another humanitarian crisis looms over the horizon, the work we do in Mathare Valley and beyond takes on greater importance. Anything that you can give to help save these children is both essential and appreciated. Please donate to support the humanitarian assistance we provide and change the world through a child's eyes.

Left on the streets to die, these children have nowhere to go. Our work requires support from people like you. While the world deals with one crisis after another, these children are often the forgotten ones. We cannot afford to leave these innocent souls to fend for themselves.

Become the Solution

Donate your time, your resources, and your money to help us broaden the scope of our rescue efforts. We're doing everything we can to save one child at a time. Every individual saved by our prayers and your donations of equipment and funding brings us one step closer to making this world a better place for us all.

Children In The Park
A Hungry Child
A Rural Girl Near The Slopes of Mt.Kenya
Aunt Lynn And Kids